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Decision. The player who threw the racket at the ball loses the point. USTA Friend at Court, ITF Rules of Tennis, Section 24. My first impression after encountering this case ruling was that it was a direct rehash of the rule discussed in “ Racquets gone Wild .”.

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The rules are straightforward. You aren’t allowed to throw a tennis racket at the ball. The racket has to be held in contact with the ball at all times. Dropping the racket on the ground unintentionally is an exemption from rules. If you aim to drop or throw the racket to hit the ball, it’s illegal and causes immediate point loss.

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Rules on a Dropped Tennis Racket The Rules. The official rules of tennis state that you will lose the point if you, your racket or anything you're... Serving Situations. You can lose the point or your serve may be considered a service fault if your racket comes out of... During Match Play. While ...

Should breaking a tennis racquet be allowed?

Unfortunately, the USTA/ITF player code of conduct ( entire CoC here) says that players can’t abuse their tennis racquets: “ Section 18: Player shall not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct. During the course of a match a player shall not engage in: c. Racket abuse.

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A player’s racquet coming out of the hand (or if their shoe comes off), is not the basis for either player/teams claiming a let. A let is never authorized for something within the player's control. (Code 36) **.

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Racquet abuse is not the only offense that can lead to a point penalty in tennis. Kicking a bottle, throwing a bag, or using profanity will often lead to a warning from the chair umpire, if not a point penalty (depending on the number of offenses committed that match). These rules are in place to uphold the integrity and professionalism of the game and to ensure that players follow a certain code of conduct.

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Rules as to thrown racquet striking a ball. The Rules of Tennis are clear: Rule 24 (h) indicates that a player loses the point if the ball touches the player or anything the player is holding or wearing, except of course the racquet. Rule 24 (i) indicates that a player loses the point if the racquet touches the ball while the player is not holding it (thus a ball hit by a thrown racquet is a lost point for the "racquet thrower").

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Throwing your racquet (racquet abuse) is a penalty. First offense means you lose a point, second offense means you give up the game, and more offenses can cause you to lose the match. You will also get fines if you play in larger tournaments.

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