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What are Poker Blinds? Poker Blinds Explained

Poker blinds are mandatory bets that are placed into the pot before any cards are dealt. The blinds are paid each hand by the players who are occupying the “ small blind ” and “ big blind ” seats at the table. Poker blinds help drive the action forward and prevent players from simply folding until they are dealt premium cards. In this guide we’ll learn the following -.

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In poker tournament play, blinds serve a dual purpose. In addition to the purpose explained above, blinds are also used to control how long the tournament will last. Before the tournament begins, the players will agree to a blinds structure, usually set by the tournament organizer.

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Blinds In Poker – SB, BB, Antes, Bring-In, Rules & Structure

Poker blinds are forced pre-flop bets which play a massively important role in Poker. There are three types of blinds in Texas Hold’em poker: the small blind, the big blind, and; the ante. Antes have a similar role in other forms of poker and in Hold’em tournaments. The rising poker blind structure in tournaments encourages action and ensures the tournament doesn’t last too long.

What is a Blind in Poker? Rules, Types of Blinds and What ...

A blind is simply a compulsory or forced bet that is made before any of the cards in a poker game are dealt. That is where they derive their name from – players have to pay them blindly without seeing their cards.

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One or more blind bets are usually used to stimulate action and initiate play. Blinds are posted before the players look at their cards.

Poker Blinds Schedules and Structures - Home Poker Tourney

The first big blind = 20 (1/50 of the T1000 starting chip amount). The final big blind = 1000 (the starting chip amount) at the 4 hour mark using 20 minute levels. 30 minute levels would result in a tournament about 6 hours long. Gradually increase your big blinds from 20 to 1000.

Poker Blinds: 4 Skills That Will Help You Win More Chips

We’ve covered a lot here, so let’s recap the 4 key adjustments to improve your play from the blinds: Steal as much as you can from the SB to exploit players that over-fold from the BB. Defend your BB more frequently, as you will be getting the pot odds to do so. Avoid donk-betting from the blinds.

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The blind structure calculator lets you create the perfect blind structure for your tournament in just a few clicks Concentrate on your cards Stop running back and forth to the computer, connect as many devices as you want to the tournament and manage everything from the poker table.