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Knocking-in a Cricket Bat: Step-by-Step Guide! – Cricket Mastery

Knocking-in is a process of preparing a cricket bat for use. It helps condense the fibers of the willow and make the bat stronger. It is done using a mallet that is hit on the surface, edges, and toe of the bat. Knocking-in, in combination with oiling, helps the bat last longer.

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Before knocking in the bat at all, you need to apply linseed oil. 2-3 tablespoons, evenly spread across the bat. Then leave it for 24 hours. After this, a bat mallet (a specific piece of kit for this job) can be “knocked” all over the bat. Gently at first, building up slightly more pressure.

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You will have heard the term “knocking-in” if you’ve been around cricket for any length of time. Knocking-In is the process of preparing your cricket bat to be used for the first time. We know that once you have purchased your new bat, it becomes your prized possession. Some stroke it. Others sleep with it next to them.

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Then do the ball bouncing test again. If the seam marks no longer appear, the bat is fully knocked in. Step 6: When the knocking-in is complete, consider protecting the bat by applying an anti-scuff sheet and/or fibreglass edge tape, both of which will stick to the bat better after it has been knocked in. These additional accessories are optional, but we recommend them as they will prolong the life of your bat, which despite being fully knocked in, is still susceptible to cracking at this ...

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Hold the bat in one hand and hit 1 edge of the bat with your dominant hand with enough power to leave an impression. Do not hit the edges at a 90-degree angle. This shrinks the hitting surface of the bat and could cause damage. Instead a mallet, you can also use an old cricket ball to strike the edges.

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A cricket bat can be divided into three key parts: the handle, splice and blade. As the name suggests, the handle is where the bat is held by the player. The splice is an upside down triangle shaped piece of wood that joins together the handle and blade to increase strength of the bat. Finally, the blade is the part of the bat that is used to ...

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Effective “knocking-in” will dramatically improve performance and increase the lifespan of the bat. Using a wooden bat mallet, tap the blade of the bat – avoiding the handle, back and splice – and keep tapping, gradually increasing in force, until your wrist begins to ache.

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Fully Knocked In Cricket Bats. Want to use your new bat straight away? This can be done for all the cricket bats on this page, each of which has been oiled and fully knocked in (with a mallet) already! Refine Selection.