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The X and Os Basketball Tactics and Strategy

Tactics in basketball is understood as all organised measures to attack and defend, which are used by players to reach a premeditated conclusion. There are two types of tactics: defensive and offensive tactics. In addition, a distinction can once again be made between pre-tactics and team tactics: Pre-tactics describes moves in offense and defense that are only played by certain players in a team.

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Attacking or offensive tactic in basketball. The offensive tactic is mandatory for every game. If you have no great attacking technique, then you can lose the game. That way, this is most important for the basketball game. There are some skills and requirements to grow your offensive strategy effectively.

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Offensive Tactics in Basketball. The goal of this tactic is to break through the opponent’s defense and set up an uncontested shot. For this, players need strong fundamentals- dribbling, passing, and shooting. Triangle Offense. The attackers from a triangle of three players, this offense is a popular attack strategy in basketball.

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Attacking Combination Defenses. Combination defenses can be very devastating to any team not prepared to attack them. Combination defenses are primarily deployed to deny and limit the "touches" of an outstanding offensive player(s). They are also deployed as a surprise tactic. Like all defenses, combination defenses have their strengths and weakness.

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There are three ways for a defense to be successful in the modern game of basketball. Cause the offensive player to miss their shot, creating an opportunity for a rebound. Disrupting the offensive play in such a way that turnover occurs, allowing the defensive to transition into an offensive set.

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Standing in front of the attacker: This tactic is very useful when defending your goal. This is because it allows you to be able to block whatever the attacker is doing. If he is about to shoot, he can mirror his movements and therefore block a shot or pass, or tackle him if he decides to dribble.

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If you want to attack basket with your big-mans, this is tactic for you. Choose one Front-court player for main attacking option. Your two Front-court players will create high and low post plays. 3 Point Offense You can select any player in lineup except center.

The 5 Offensive Strategies that ALL Coaches Should Employ

Home > Coaching > Basketball Offense > The 5 Offensive Strategies that ALL Coaches Should Employ. Make spacing a priority. The most valuable commodity on a basketball court is space. When constructing your offense, you should try to be in areas where there is a lot of space to operate. Players bunching together are offense killers.