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3 Best Defensive AGILITY Drills For Basketball Players ...

3. Ascending Lateral Shuffles W/ Reaction. Finally, the apex of defensive agility drills is the ascending lateral shuffle w/ a reaction. If you don’t know, an ascending lateral shuffle is where you’re laterally shuffling in a backwards, diagonal pattern. The reaction just adds an athlete you need to react to.

Defensive Agility drills for the Pre-Season - Basketball Coaching

Defensive Close out Drill– Start in the middle of the lane and closeout to cone #1 and slide to baseline. Reset in the middle of the lane and proceed to Cones #2-4. Cone Defensive Slides– Start by sliding to the first cone, advance forward then slide to the next cone. Repeat until the course is finished.

Basketball Defense and Agility Drill: Diamond Drill

Basketball Defense & Agility Drill: Diamond Drill. This agility drill will help ...

6 Best Basketball Agility Drills and Exercises

6 Essential Basketball Agility Drills. 1. Shuffling Scoop – This exercise focuses on having a wide stance and staying low to the ground. It puts you in a great athletic position for quickly moving laterally. By keeping your chest up and heels apart, your lateral agility will improve with practice.

Explosive Basketball Agility Drills to Increase Quickness

Basketball agility drills #2Jumping the Square. Jump 4 feet forward as quickly as possible, landing with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Once the feet hit the floor, jump 4 feet sideways to the right, keeping the body facing forward. As soon as the feet land, jump backwards 4 feet.

The Best Basketball Agility Drills of 2021 | Hoops Addict

Let’s now look at three agility drills that can be used during warm-ups. 1. 45-degree cone runs. Cones can be placed at 45-degree angles for the length of half of the court. To execute this drill, a player would start at the first cone and then sprint towards each corn in the 45-degree angle set up.

5 Basketball Defense Drills to Lock Down Any Opponent

The first movement is a sprint and then close out to the cone in front. The player then back-pedals around a cone directly behind them, and then slides across to the other side of the court. When the first defender slides past the line, that triggers the next player in line to start the drill.

The 7 BEST Basketball Defense Drills - From Top Defensive Expert

The drill is set up with 4 offensive players on the outside and 4 defenders on the inside. Coach is up top with the ball. Coach starts the drill with a pass to the elbow. The offensive player on the weak side block will set a back screen for their teammate on the weak side elbow.