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What do you do when obstacles come your way?

What do you do when obstacles come your way? You climb over them and carry on! That's the story of the kids of Shanti Rani School - a school located at Bara Ghagra, a small a village near Ranchi - the lack of facilities in their school did not stop them from playing their favourite sport! They start-off their day early as most of them have to walk or cycle for 5 kms to reach their school.Fans of football superstars like Messi and Ronaldo ( Rolando as they call him), these kids are often seen playing with a smile in their face and the burning passion in their eyes in a vacant land opposite their school, barefooted under the watchful eye of their coach, Rajan Tirkey.The MissionXIMillion movement is bringing football to over 11 million school children around the country as part of the FIFA U-17 World Cup legacy.