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About MXIM

What is MXIM?

Mission XI Million is a school contact programme which leading up to the FIFA U-17 World Cup, will evolve into India's biggest outreach sporting activity ever, and leave a legacy for the first FIFA tournament in India. A Government of India and All India Football Federation initiative, MXIM is spread across the northernmost capital city in the country to the southernmost tip of peninsular India and will cover 36 cities and reach out to more than 15000 schools and over 11 million children.

Who are all the key people that we are contacting for this programme?

School administrators, School principals, Physical Education teachers and coaches, parents or anyone who can get involved in the game for a child in some capacity.

How does Mission XI Million see the programme working?

Mission XI Million uses the school network and facilities around the country to encourage children to play the game and gain healthy habits and fine motor skills and learn valuable life lessons in teamwork and sportsman spirit.

How does Mission XI Million intend to approach the schools’ principals, teachers and coaches along with other stakeholders?

The approach is to work with school principals and sports teachers and coaches together as one unit. Schools to become a part of one of India’s largest school contact programme under this initiative. Schools will be fully supported and encouraged to make their children play football regularly. We would also like to involve parents in the programme.

What are the three stages of the MXIM programme? 

The three stages of MXIM comprise:

Stage One: The first stage of MXIM is the reach out phase where school principals, physical education and sports teachers are invited to attend an MXIM designated seminar. At the workshops, they are told more about the initiative, and exactly how to carry it out within their schools. Post the session, the registered schools, academies or institutions are handed over football equipment and a technical manual that they can refer to implement the programme in their schools. 

Stage Two: The second stage of MXIM entails in-school activities that have been carried out within the institution. FIFA has created a simple format to play football in a small group, in a very limited space. This format, devised especially for MXIM can be adapted to different field conditions available locally. Coaches are required to conduct drills with the children, which have been described in detail in the manual provided. MXIM instructors can be contacted in case any further assistance or guidance is needed, both regarding clarifications related to the initiative as well as any technical expertise that may be necessary for its in-school implementation.

Stage Three: The third and final stage of the MXIM programme are the Football Festivals, which have also been designed specially by FIFA and AIFF. 30 children from each school are selected to participate in a football festival in the particular city. Football matches, skill contests comprising dribbling, juggling and shooting are part of the grand football festival. Exclusive MXIM merchandise and other prizes are on offer for the students.

Which are the cities covered in the MXIM programme? 

Mission XI Million is covering over 75 cities in 29 states and 1 Union Territory across India. From the northernmost capital of Jammu and Kashmir to the southernmost tip of mainland India and from the easternmost state of Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat in the west, the programme is taking over cities, towns and villages.

What is the tentative timeline of the MXIM programme? 

Tentatively, the timeline of the programme is: 

Stage One: December 2016 to May 2017

Stage Two: December 2016 to August 2017

Stage Three: April 2017 to October 2017

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